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Due to my interest in film, it is no surprise that photography is also one of my main focuses, helping me learn about cameras and how to set up the perfect shot. Not only have I continuously worked on my photography at my school as my art class but I also have gone to two photography summer camps.


SOCAPA, also known as School of Creative and Performing Arts, was a sleepaway summer camp I attended for film and photography during 2017 and 2018. SOCAPA was the first time I experimented with photography in a serious manner, creating a collection of digital and darkroom images while I stayed in Brooklyn for two weeks in 2018.


When Covid-19 first hit I started an individual project with no relation to a camp or my school class, attempting to depict how the pandemic effected everyone. These images are my most acclaimed collection, winning me three awards, two gold and one silver.

HIGH School digital photography

During my sophomore year of high school, my art class was digital photography where we experimented with things such as color gels, color grading, shadows and more. Three of my images won me gold medals at a national competition.

HIGH School Alternative processes

During my junior year of high school my art class was alternative processes where we experimented with things such as painting developer, embroidering our prints, creating cyanotypes and more. Two of my images won me gold medals at a national competition.