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The idea of creating films has been a concept that I have passionately pursued for over six years. My pallet of creations has ranged from silly home videos I made with friends and family to a professional 18-minute short film. As I have grown older and developed, my interest in film and video production has continued to increase and I am excited for the next project I create.


My most recent short, "Flood" was the second-ever professional film that I have made, entirely funded, written, directed, produced, and edited by myself. 


Utilizing past relationships the star, Michael Withall, returned to Kalookapop Studios to be the main character, as he did with "Duality".

Oz, the main character in "Flood" wakes up in a hotel room in 1972 and has no recollection as to how he got there. As a man who struggles with extreme OCD and anxiety, he is forced to face his fears head-on as he tries to escape the hotel room he's been locked into.

My short film "Duality" was the first professional movie I created, entirely funded, written, directed, produced, and edited by myself. Over the course of four months I scripted, found and hired two actors, rented out a location, filmed and edited.

The eighteen-minute short follows a conversation between a vengeful man who has come into town to murder his ex-wife and a curious bartender who finds his situation familiar.

Duality was just recently selected to be a finalist in the YoungFilmmakers film festival in New York City.


The effect of music

In these clips I was experimenting with music and the effect a soundtrack can have on your film, attempting to convey a narrative without any form of dialogue. Ironically, this idea is the polar opposite from my extensive use of dialogue within my short film Duality.

For the film on the top, I wanted to have the viewer feel a strong sense of depression as the subject walks alone, utilizing sad music while also using a cold temperature effect over the clip.

On the other hand, the film on the bottom was filled with loud up-beat music to establish a creepy enjoyment while the subject kidnaps someone.

Contemplations for the corner store

Contemplations for the Corner Store is a two-minute short film where I attempted to depict a subject make a difficult decision without using dialogue or voice-over. My take on a child deciding between chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream was a satirical way for me to push my directing ability, making a simple action dramtic.

Similar to my, "Effect of Music," I utilized the background music to make the decision become more dramatic and really get into the little boy's brain as he tries to make this difficult decision.

Untitled-21 copy copy.png

Love Letters is a five minute short that I created that tells a simple love story between an upset newspaper struggling to satisfy the needs of others, and a magazine who finds empathy in his situation.

Unlike, "Contemplations for the Corner Store", I utilized dialogue in order to convey the story. I also decided to display the back and forth between the two subjects through gluing individual letters onto both the newspaper and the magazine.

The fire
inside you

The Fire Inside You is a short photo-roman film that consists of forty different images. Jack, the main character, is confronted by his violent and erratic subconscious as it takes over his actions, forcing him to cause chaos.

In creating this film I challenged myself to push my limits, including restricted and unrestricted narration, a non-diegetic element, changing the temporal order of the plot from the story, and authentically recording all of the audio myself.

Think outside of the box

Think Outside of The Box is a short comedic silent film that has an extreme emphasis on absurdity. The story follows Michael, a kid trying to carry a heavy suitcase back into his dorm while experiencing wacky and ridiculous events occurring near him.

I attempted to find comedic value in setting, costume, props, and animated acting in order to strengthen my knowledge of mise-en-scene. This can be seen through the dramatic costume change in certain characters and the absurd weight of the suitcase.


My short project, Pursuit, follows two separate subjects who appear to be hunting down the other, however, we are unsure as to who is prey and who is predator. Although only two minutes long, Pursuit, was used as a way to push my abilities and further my knowledge about the thriller film genre.


Utilizing mise-en-scene, narration, cinematography and sound motifs, I was able to emulate various ideological myths found within most Hollywood thriller films. 

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